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Victoria’s Kitchen Almond Water

Victoria's Kitchen Almond Water

Since last Wednesday, when I heard about it from our friends over at Cool Hunting, I had to try LA based Victoria’s Kitchen Almond Water. It was on our list of things to do and cover and, while at The Grove (specifically Monsieur Marcel), we happened upon a few bottles of the drink. We excitedly purchased a bottle and it watched us for a few days every time we opened the refrigerator. The excitement turned to fear as days passed by, the bottle sweating and glowering at us from the second shelf, guilting us for not opening it right when we purchased it and letting it sit by half a head of cabbage. Today, I finally got around to almost drinking it…after what must have been hours of trying to get myself in the mindset to drink almond water.

I know, I know: very silly and stupid. Yes, I am aware of that. It’s just that it’s opaque and almondy and seems weird and, I don’t know, sounds scary in a “I’m eight years old and this food is scary and new to me!” kind of way. It looks like cloudy water: that does not look appealing!! In any event, I swallowed those tiny fears and took the bottle out of the fridge, where Victoria herself stared at me on my desk, her eyes giving a “Yeah, you want to drink this? Try me. Try me now, you wuss.” expression. She definitely could beat me up. Definitely.

Victoria's Kitchen Almond Water

I poured it out and, to my surprise, it smells sweet. Surprise! Not salty or nutty flavored, as I had been imagining (which is where the fear comes from because, really, a salty drink on one cookie and a Valentine’s hangover does not sound like fun). It actually smells like very clean sugar, like a fine perfume. Now, on to drinking, after a swig of plain water: it’s light and, you know, tastes exactly as it smells. It’s good and is like a very complicated and refined form of sugar water, a more interesting cousin to rose water. It would be perfect on a sunny day by a pool, perhaps with a little vodka and lime. It’s definitely something I could see being the new water trend in town because Angelenos love to trendset weird waters.

You can pick up Victoria’s Kitchen Almond Water at various spots around town, including Monsieur Marcel, Primo Passo, FarmShop LA, and Galco’s Soda Pop Shop. Or, you can buy it online if you can’t make it to the store. You should definitely pick up a bottle to try and don’t be like me: it’s not scary at all–it’s just water!

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