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What’s Going On In Pomona?

What's Going On In Pomona

If you’ve been following Pacific Standard Time shows, you know that there are three shows happening Pomona College Museum of Art as a part of the initiative. And, if you’ve been following the Performance and Public Art Festival, you know that they hosted three very prominent artists’ performances to weekends ago. Los Angeles proper may be getting a lot of the credit for being the artistic hub of Southern California but Pomona, LA’s far east cousin, may just be the center of our area’s art history.

Revolving around Pomona College Museum of Art, the institution was the foundation for lots of what has inspired contemporary art. Hal Glicksman, a “pioneering curator of Light and Space art,” and Helene Winer, the “director of Artists Space and Metro Pictures in New York,” showcased a good deal of works at the institution that would advance post-Minimalism and Conceptual art from local young artists in the seventies. Those artists include now powerhouses who attended Pomona like Chris Burden and James Turrell, among many others. The series of shows focus on this frame in time, where Pomona was a booming beacon of art, producing reputable figure after reputable figure in the art world.

The first show, which closed in early November, told Hal Glicksman’s story, when he was the curator and director of the museum. During his tenure there, he created a space for artists to use the museum as studio and environment for creating and sharing. Naturally, the show featured artists like Robert Irwin and Judy Chicago (who just this past week recreated her Disappearing Environments and A Butterfly For Pomona).

The second show gives the story of another main Pomona influence by sharing work from Helene Winer’s time at the Museum, from 1970 to 1972. Her focus was on artists who were creating more experimental work, branching from photography to performance to video to any other form of art namely Minimalist in nature. Her roster favored other Pacific Standard Time favorites like Jon Baldessari, Chris Burden, John White (who recreated the performance Preparation F at Pomona this past weekend), and William Leavitt, whose play The Particles (Of White Naugahyde) is finally being produced as a part of the Performance and Public Art Festival. This second exhibit focusing on Helene Winer’s time at the museum will be open through February 19.

For more information on what is happening in Pomona (and news on this weekend’s Focus Weekend), be sure to check out the Pacific Standard Time Blog!

Snow Atmosphere, Judy Chicago, 1970. Performance on Mt. Baldy, San Gabriel Mountains, California . Photograph courtesy of Judy Chicago.

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