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Car Horn Symphony Aftermath

Car Horn Symphony Aftermath

As many of you might have already known, at 6PM on Wednesday, February 15th, Los Angeles was host to the largest symphony in the world—the 1000 Car Horn Symphony. So, did any of you participate?

At that time, I was driving through the heart of traffic (keeping a mindful distance from my fellow drivers, naturally). While I was hoping for some improv elements from the cars surrounding, I wasn’t able to enjoy the call-and-answer Los Angeles rush hour is so known for. In fact, most seemed to go on about their normal 6PM Wednesday—even some nearby security guards didn’t pay me any mind. I did, however, pass a fellow performer on the road at one point. Yet, instead of feeling linked up in a larger symphony, I felt isolated in my own conceptual mind-space, all the while trying desperately to keep up with the score. Not that far off from my Wednesday 6 PM routine.

How did your experience fair? KPCC documented the event and edited six separate performances into the above video with some background explanation by artist Zefrey Throwell. The video did help add some context to what seemed like an impromptu solo.

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