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Art As An Appetizer, Food Truck Edition

Art As An Appetizer, Food Truck Edition

We all need to take a moment and give Pacific Standard Time a round of applause because, more than being just a celebration of Los Angeles art, it’s also a movement that celebrates good taste. From an ongoing list of cool events to countless publications created in conjunction with the many shows, they are now extending their reach into really great culinary territories. As we mentioned last week, their Art As An Appetizer program at Playa and Rivera is absolutely exceptional, the most original, unique, well executed, and all around great art related event we’ve ever seen in town. But, that’s not where that program ends. Over the next three Saturdays, you will have a chance to sample some more art-inspired food–but not at Playa or Rivera: at food trucks!

On February 18 and 25 and March 3, there will be a “meet-up” at art museums where food and art will collide. The first is this Saturday at LACMA, which is no stranger to food trucks as there are always trucks congregating along Wilshire Blvd during lunch and dinner hours every day. The event will see local food truck stars like ice creamers Coolhaus, the barbecuers of Kings Corner BBQ, the mouthwatering Lobsta Truck, and a few others all making food art (Or art food? Who knows!). The trucks here will all be making food inspired by the art from LACMA’s California Designshow. We’re sure to expect some very sleek, chic and modernist looking food, for sure.

The following two Saturday events will take place at Santa Monica Museum of Art and Pasadena Museum of California Art, which will both also feature five food trucks each. The SMMOA food trucking will take place at Bergamont Station with inspirations from SMMOA’s Career Woman which celebrates the pottery, drawings and paintings of Beatrice Woods. We’re guessing there should be some fish-focused, glassy, and even figurative creations (we have our money on Pnut Butter Truck to create some particularly crazy foods). PMCA, who has the excellent expressionism show L.A. Raw currently on view, will share their art-inspired food on March 3, getting Border Grill and Flat Iron Truck (amongst others) in on the fun.

For more on Art As An Appetizer’s upcoming food trucks (one of which is tomorrow), check out the Pacific Standard Time blog!

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