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Dunes’ “Vertical Walk”

Dunes' Vertical Walk

Dunes are a Los Angeles rock outfit who walk the line between dreamy shoegaze and relaxed beach party beats. The band is getting all sorts of great press for their new single “Vertical Walk,” which has made the rounds on both Pitchfork and Stereogum in the past twenty four hours.

The band sounds like a new “I don’t give a fuck” coming of Asobi Seksu, which was the new coming of My Bloody Valentine. They’re in a really good position to be in, since–you know–those are really fucking good bands to be compared to. “Vertical Walk” is kind of like a sleepwalk through the beach sand, the guitar strums hitting you like mellow sunlight and the vocals like a coo guiding you to sunblock. It’s pretty great.

The single is in anticipation of their March LP release, Noctiluca, which should be a good listen based on the song. You can take a listen to the song below and, if you are a fan, download the song over on Stereogum. And, of course, Like them on their Facebook and tumble along with them over on Tumblr.

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