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Programming Note: President’s Day And Oscar Week

Walk of Fame

Some business to share, as we close up shop for the weekend. First things first: Monday is President’s Day, which you may or may not know. We won’t be posting on Monday and, as a result, we’ll be taking a gap week from Featured Interviews too (since they go up on Mondays, etc.). Additionally, we’ll be sharing a few special posts that are a part of a new partnership that we hinted at on Twitter: we’re going to be working with Vanity Fair Agenda on a little Oscar ~*~pArTy~*~ coverage.

Now, don’t fret: we’re not going to be on the red carpet, giving our best Joan Rivers (despite our wishes to do that),transforming LAIY into the newest Hollywood centered site. No, no: that’s not us! But, we’ll be attending a few events next week that lead up to the ceremony and sharing what happens behind these lush velvet curtains Hollywood is known for. Yes, this is not our typical Los Angeles cup of tea; however, it is a big part of Los Angeles culture and film art that we are definitely intrigued to check out. Thus, we will be stepping into the looking glass a few times next week and sharing what exactly happens at Vanity Fair pre-Oscar events.

Moreover, we wanted to share Vanity Fair’s recently launched Social L.A. website, which has lots of cool, curated things that we’re going to try to add to as well. So, next week, keep your eyes out for a few posts on Oscar related things along with Tweets at the events that will give a little insight into these goings on. We kind of have no idea what to expect and are going to do our best to keep it that way as we want to be as surprised as possible by everything: we’re hoping to go into these and walk around with our faces like this and then report back to you guys so you can make the same face.

Here’s to a great President’s Day weekend and an even more fantastic Oscar week to everyone! It should certainly be an experience.

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