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“The Price Of Gas”

The Price Of Gas

How much does gas cost? Of course, the prices fluctuate and, in Los Angeles, the prices are just way over the top. But, what is the real cost of gas? Like, what are the repercussions of all of us having so many cars? A few months ago, the Center For Investigative Reporting made a video in conjunction with California Watch that raised awareness of what all of our car using is doing. It’s pretty fascinating and reallllllly frightening…but presented in a very nice package!

The video, illustrated by Arthur Jones, chronicles how we get gas, how gas causes pollution, and how we all are affected by it. This is all to point out the costs (the “externalities”) that affect our environment and our health. In five minutes, the video eloquently explains what is going on through the mouthpiece of reporter Sarah Terry-Cobo, which is visually represented through Jones’ illustrations/animations. The video specifically targets Los Angeles at points, even citing that our gas loving leads to excess costs of around $1250 per local per year due to missing work, having to pay for doctor visits, and other related problems that result from cars.

The video is informative and entertaining (infotaining, maybe?), bite-sized enough that you’ll definitely watch the whole thing…and probably be provoked to find out how you can take the Metro more.

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