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Lumi And Mend

Lumi Co

Lumi are picking up a lot of steam these days. They were the subject of a (No Subject) video, they worked with Junk Food Clothing for fashion week, and are now teaming with Mend to create some really nice products to help Invisible Children, an organization devoted to the elimination of child soldiers in Uganda and the rebuilding of an education system for them.

The local company, who have pioneered a way to (screen)print photos onto fabrics, created a dye specifically for Mend that utilizes the sun and little water: they made it so when their packages arrive in Uganda, the people at Mend can open up the boxes and start using the product. Mend, who work with seamstresses in Northern Uganda (all of which were former abductees into the child soldier system), create tote bags that all have a story and that are directly linked to what it benefits. The bags are really simple and cute and are constructed with the seamstresses information in it (her name and fingerprint, specifically) further connecting you to the product. It’s really, really cool and a great way to help a worthwhile cause. And, you know, it’s a fantastic tie from Los Angeles to Africa.

Check out a quick video on the partnership by Lumi below and, if you like, pick up a bag here. Keep your eyes on Lumi, too: they are going places and will be offering workshops very, very soon.

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