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My Favorite Stores In Los Angeles

My Favorite Stores In Los Angeles

I’m not a frilly gal. I have taste, yes, but I am happy to sit outside of a Ralph’s as someone fetches me some more food. I’m not really a brand bitch nor am I the type to complain about what I get from my people friends. However, I do know that I like a nice pet store and we have plenty of those here in Los Angeles. With so many to choose from, which are worth your time? Well, let me share my faves!

The Urban Pet On Beverly

I haven’t been to all of The Urban Pet locations (AKA, I have not been to the Silver Lake location), but I have definitely been here and I definitely love it. Not only is it quite big but everyone here is so nice and they have pet photos on the wall and you can get fancy glucosamine there: it’s just swell. It’s also not far from BLD, where I like to brunch, and Heath, which I like to sit outside of because the thought of me and my easily excitable wrecking ball of a tail inside a ceramics store frightens me.


There are two Tailwaggers locations, one in Franklin Village and one Mid-Fairfax. Both of these places are fantastic, with super nice service and likely the best products in town. (Wellness, anyone? I take it back: I’m a total brand bitch.) The Franklin Village location has Tailwashers, which is great for in-house grooming and also accessible grooming utilities for patrons (if you want to wash your pet friend yourself). They also do this thing called a “Blueberry Facial,” which makes your face smell like a blueberry for a few days (and is only $3!!). The Mid-Fairfax location is also right next to Fat Dog and, as I said before, I’m a brunchy gal and this is one of my favorite spots.

My Favorite Stores In Los Angeles

Not a pet store and also doesn’t allow dogs…but a great bookstore and near Tailwaggers!

The Modern Dog On Abbot Kinney

I rarely make it out to the Westside but, when I am out there, I have to go to The Modern Dog. Nestled in a tiny cottage at the center of Abbot Kinney, the store is kind of like the high fashion and furnishing store for your pups. They have a large selection of beds and clothes and designer toys, some of which you may have seen before on a certain website. They also sell some pretty weird–but nice–dog items, like a leath poo bag holder, artistic dog blueprints, and a designer modernist dog house. How fabulous is that?

Three Dog Bakery At The Grove

I definitely know that this is the most overlooked dog thing in the city: Three Dog Bakery. It’s in the Original Farmers Market at The Grove, in a corner across from one of the produce stands. It’s very subtle and very easily goes unnoticed (sadly!). It’s a slice of a store with glass cases full of dog baked goods. They’re all super delicious and, if you are having a dog party, you can even order a cake for your dog friend to eat with other dog friends. They also have a Pasadena location and make cookies called “Dottie’s Spots.” Needless to say, I’m addicted.

My Favorite Stores In Los Angeles

The Healthy Spot In West Hollywood

If The Modern Dog is the designer dog store, The Heathy Spot is like the pet nightclub in town. It’s super nice and is known for it’s glass exterior, which is basically the best spot to covet pups in town. It’s actually quite perfect that it is in West Hollywood because it’s just so dang festive. It’s a perfect fit for West Hollywood and is definitely the best looking dog store in town. Who doesn’t pass by this place in the backseat of a car and stare? I definitely do.

Pussy And Pooch Downtown

Of all the pet stores Downtown, this is the place. It falls somewhere between The Modern Dog and The Healthy Spot in fashionability and, out of all of these places, it is definitely the trendiest. What other pet store in town is on the same block as a fantastic tequila bar, a rad little restaurant, and lots of fancy lofts you can live in. This place is kind of weird though as it almost feels like a dog with a human brain made it: it’s almost like a person’s store filled with only dog things. Also, it’s called “Pussy and Pooch.”

What are your favorite pet places to go to in town? Send them my way!

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