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What Makes LA Historic? SurveyLA Asks You!

What Makes LA Historic SurveyLA Asks You

Since I moved to Los Angeles, I always hear that this city has no history. Not so, I’ve found, but I do agree not a lot of people share their neighborhood gems. For fear of it being discovered, maybe? Well, now’s the time to speak up and let your neighborhood knowhow out of the bag with My Historic LA.

SurveyLA is an ambitious multi-year plan by the Office of Historic Resources to map out the historical resources hiding in Los Angeles. This February, they launched simple MindMixer site, they’re billing a virtual town hall. With it, they can get our suggestions of what places in and around Los Angeles to put on the L.A. history map. Know a hole-in-the-wall historic place in your neighborhood? How about a club house that birthed a few amazing ideas? What about great post-WWII suburbian (does that word exist?) architecture? Speak up. Any place you post gets funneled and vetted into SurveyLA’s comprehensive search for L.A. historical sites.

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