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YACHT’s Love Letter To Los Angeles: “Shangri-La”

YACHT's Love Letter To Los Angeles Shangri-La

Our friends in the band YACHT have released a new music video for their single “Shangri-La” that, basically, is the best visual love letter to Los Angeles since Randy Newman’s “I Love LA.” The song is the closer on their album of the same name, which came out last year and is one of the happiest releases of 2011. The song is an upbeat lullaby of strings, beeps, and head swaying vocals by Ms. Claire L. Evans. The song is certainly the best love song to Los Angeles.

In the video, Claire and Jona Bechtolt do a lot of things all the cool kids do in town: eat ice creams outside of Scoops, go for a nice stroll and do Tai Chi in Elysian Park, get tattoos at El Clasico, have sunset campfires on the beach, skip down the LA River, and drive around town in your chic nineties Mercedes Benz. Essentially, they do the same things we do but make it look a helluva a lof more cooler. It’s also super obvious (and great!) that the collective has built their utopia in Los Angeles and have fashioned themselves new prophets to preach the beauties and values of our city to the world.

It’s a great music video and I truly cannot think of a better one that focuses on our city. I definitely watched it, like, three times and wish I could spend a day living their version of Los Angeles. I also know I’m going to need to express order this poster featured in the video ASAP since we really are in heaven, guys.

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