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Did You Know Ed Ruscha Has A Son Who Makes Techno Music? Well, He Does.

Did You Know Ed Ruscha Has A Son Who Makes Techno Music Well, He Does

Hold your phones, clutch your pearls, hold onto your seat belts: Ed Ruscha’s son, Eddie Ruscha, is a budding techno artist in Los Angeles. As you guys may or may not have noticed, a lot of the music we’ve been sharing are gems of dance and electronic touching music from Los Angeles as there seems to be a huge hole in this local genre for some reason. Now, fresh from the newsletter Juno sent out this morning, a release from Eddie Ruscha under the pseudonym Secret Circuit. This may all sound like nepotism leading to a music career but let me assure you it is not: this is big, kind of crazy news.

Lil’ Ruscha, who graduated from CalArts in 1991, is an artist as well who has participated in group shows from La Cienega Projects to New Image to China Art Objects and more. As a musician, he’s been working under his name since the late nineties and as Security Circuit since 2010. According to his sites, the moniker is his outlet to mix “psychedelic and tropical,” touching into cosmic disco, soul, funk, and jazz through the house. His recent release is Nebula Sphynx, a two track EP that bubbles into a drum machine and synth black hole in space. The title track, “Nebula Sphynx,” is very, very reminiscent of Gavin Russom‘s 2009 outfit, Black Meteoric Star, but is full of richer arpeggios of scaling vintage synths. B-side’s “Parascopic Rope” isn’t too far removed, but hits a chiller and more tropical take on the same cosmic focus: it’s like you are riding a jeep down a sunny 8-bit beach after surviving some post-apocalyptic joust.

The release is on Tim Sweeney’s newly formed Beats In Space Records, a record label born out of the well respected radio show Sweeney has used for the past decade to promote the best working electronic acts: it’s a big deal he took on someone like Ruscha. It’s a big investment and huge vote that Ruscha is going to transform into some sort of techno superstar. Pick up the EP here and check out the mini-review Juno did that directed us to Ruscha. Catch the title track below as well as the corresponding music video for the track (which Ruscha also directed himself).

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