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Welcome To Los Angeles, I’m Yours

Los Angeles, I'm Yours

For what seems like forever, Bobby and I have been whining to each other about how we have had such a difficult time finding and sharing what is going on in Los Angeles. We initially thought it would be cool to share local events and happenings through The Fox Is Black but, after some time and consideration, it seemed unfair to post things that only a handful of readers of TFIB could visit, see, or experience in person. It seemed a little selfish of us to take up space with a post about Los Angeles on a website that is read by people all over the world.

For some time, we talked about devoting Tuesdays or Wednesdays on The Fox Is Black to food reviews or gallery visits. The problem was that since we live in Los Angeles and work full time in Los Angeles all of those posts would be about Los Angeles. This got us thinking: what if we made our own site? What if we created our own space to share what is going on in this city and who is making cool stuff and where people need to be going in our city? What if we were able to get more involved in the city by effectively working for the city? Bobby recalled an event he and Poketo hosted last year called Los Angeles, I’m Yours, which showcased local artists and culture for the city to see and share. That event sparked what is this website: Los Angeles, I’m Yours, a Los Angeles focused art and culture website.

A few things about the site. As you can see, there are two sections: Features and Newsbites. The Features are full length articles that we are creating about people, places, and things around the city. They will vary from a look at local architectural wonders to coverage of a new show at a gallery to restaurant reviews to op-ed pieces devoted to things in the city we’ve noticed.

One of the most exciting things–and likely the most important thing–in the Features section are the Featured Interviews. For months, we’ve been sitting down with artists and tastemakers, in their space, hearing about what they have to say about their career, their life, Los Angeles, and the intersect of it all. With a photographer, we’ll be sharing where these craftsmen and craftswomen create, giving you a peek at the places that inspire them to do what they do. We’ll be launching our first Featured Interview with our next post. Be on the lookout for these each week as they are definitely will be unlike anything else happening on a Los Angeles website.

The Newsbites is a section where we share bites of news (as the name suggests). Of course, you probably knew that, but let me explain: this is the area where we will share breaking news related to art, design, culture, and some other things that relate to the city. If a new show is opening at a gallery, you’ll find the announcement there. If a store is opening soon, you’ll see that information there. If we snap a photo of a cool thing happening in town, you’ll see it there. If someone else wrote a really cool article about anything in the city, you’ll see it shared there. The Newsbites are little stories about a story we love: it is where we share things other people have written up that you will also find interesting.

We’re so happy to be able to launch Los Angeles, I’m Yours and share it with you all. We hope you enjoy it and, for the first few days, bear with us as we’ll be figuring out a few site kinks. We have a lot of great things to share and do for Los Angeles that we will be doing through this website. So, without any more talk, take a look around at the site: we hope you love it!

Kyle Fitzpatrick,

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