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Inside PULSE Art Fair

Inside PULSE Art Fair

This past weekend was PULSE Art Fair, a contemporary art fair that showcased artists from all around the world. The event took place at the LA Live Event Deck, which is a really, really fancy way of saying “the top of the parking deck for LA Live.” When we approached, we were a little apprehensive as it was very hot, on concrete, and very mysterious. However, that mystery and it’s being atop of a parking deck made this event all the better because PULSE was one of the best conventions or fairs or whatever you want to call this that we’ve ever attended.

The event was absolutely massive and appeared to be leaking all over the Event Deck. Outside of the tent were seven of the featured exhibitors, which included Little Tag Along by Kevin Cyr and Fame Retardant by Heidi Tullmann and Ben Wolf (who were there painting their piece as people walked in). Inside of the tent was a huge makeshift gallery that featured corridors and hallways and pockets of gallery space by way of galleries from Mid-City Los Angeles to Culver City to New York City to Tokyo to Tel Aviv. The fair was very easy to get lost in as it housed installations that spanned entire rooms, a video exhibit room, indoor and outdoor art, nearly hidden pieces you have to squint to find, and even a Wolfgang Puck café that served booze. Yesterday, the fair crowned the winner of this year’s Los Angeles PULSE Prize, which went to painter Alexander Massouras.

We spent a long time wandering through the tent and got to see some really amazing artists from all over (including some from Los Angeles, namely Jill Greenberg, Zackary Drucker, and Kris Lewis). Sadly, the fair does end today–but not until 5PM! We strongly encourage you to swing by and see all that is going on. You should allot three hours for it but, if you had to, you could hypothetically breeze by everything in an hour and a half (it would not be satisfying, though!).

If you can’t steal away time to go Downtown for the show, we have you covered: below are some of our favorite things at PULSE. We will also be featuring our favorite artists that were on display at PULSE for the remainder of the week.

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