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Shlohmo’s Vacation EP

Shlohmo's Vacation EP

The Fox Is Black has shared the work of Los Angeles musician Shlohmo, a local electronic guy who is somewhere in between post-Witch House and hip-hop’d electronic, making him a not-guitary Ratatat or slowed down Gold Panda or cousin of oOoOO. His new EP Vacation came out at the top of February on Friends of Friends and is pretty legit–legit as in “I got Nicolas Jaar to remix one of my songs.” legit.

The three song, three remix EP is full of lots 808 drops and echo-y beats among trippy, sliced, rearranged vocals. Shlohmo’s music is a very specific form of electronic that was born out of an almost flash-in-the-pan sub-genre breakout where 1990s R&B and late 2000s electronic collided in 2010, best exemplified in Tri Angle’s genre establishing Let Me Shine For You EP. The remixes don’t stray too far from the originals, the Airhead remix of “The Way U Do” taking on a confrontational half-time hip-hop stance to the song, Salva’s “Wen uuu” remix processing the song through a computer system, and Jaar’s “Rained The Whole Time” remix being the fullest and most patient song on the EP, dare I say the most cohesive. When you get the EP on Bandcamp, you’ll also be rewarded by two more remixes, “The Way U Do (D33J Remix)” and “Wen uuu (Evenings Remix).”

Vacation is sliced from the Witch House/trip-hop movement that has blown up since 2010 and is a good soundtrack for a chill night drinking watching the stars in the desert, taking it all in while you are probably on some substance. Or, as you start the end of your workday late in the afternoon on a rainy Monday. Your pick.

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