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Os Gemeos’ Wonderland At Prism: Miss You

Os Gemeos' Wonderland At Prism: Miss You

Uncle Terry wasn’t the only one to have a big weekend over Oscar weekend: Brazilian street artists Os Gemeos had an equally big–if not bigger–weekend. The identical twin art duo transformed Prism on West Sunset into a wonderland of color, light, and even a little video. It’s also the first show of 2012 that will make your jaw drop, the only reaction suitable for such a thorough transformation of a gallery space.

The show is entitled Miss You and opened this past Saturday. If you’ve driven passed the Prism space, you probably have seen the giant head that popped up on top of the building at some point last week, somewhat glowering at all the obnoxious people passing by it or because there is a giant advertisement for that shitty looking movie Mirror, Mirror behind it. The head is very connected to the show but doesn’t make any aesthetic promises as entering the space is entering into another world, where you relinquish your connection to the real world and are fully immersed in the world of Os Gemeos.

Os Gemeos' Wonderland At Prism: Miss You

Immediately, you are confronted with these illuminated heads rising from the ground, all over the gallery space. They’re a bit obstacle-like but, within this magical folk world, they are like souls bubbling from the ground, more characters and persons being created from the pool within the twins’ minds. The ground floor has a collection of large paintings of scenes from this world they’ve created along with portraits, a floating, immersive head sculpture (that you can look inside of–and must look inside of), an entire bedroom installation equipped with psychedelic fractal art projected on the wall, and ripples of red, oranges, and yellows all over the floors and walls.

The base of the staircase has three pieces of note: a giant painting overlooking Sunset Blvd, an even gianter painting lining the staircase, and a few hanging heads in ski-masks and lights above the two. This area is like the passing from the bubbling world from which these characters were born into the spirit world, where acid colored portraits await you, depicting everything from a demure, one-boob-out geometric vixen to two on-break breakdancers by the beach to a man disintegrating into blocks to various people struggling or enjoying a colorful grid that encloses them. There is a marked shift from the chaotic beauty of the ground floor to the more relaxed and “zen” top floor.

Os Gemeos' Wonderland At Prism: Miss You

The show is engulfing and will have you discovering things for hours, if you let it. The bottom floor is definitely one of the best art transformations that has been done in the city, shifting the space from a gallery to a completely new world, light up heads dripping up from the ground, ripples of color everywhere, and their painted characters showing folk stories of things that have happened to them, be it being sucked into a rainbow whirlpool or watching neon fireworks in a quiet desert near your home. There are endless stories to be seen and to create at Miss You, which is basically a deportation of a dream land placed next door to Eveleigh.

The show is most impressive and really is the best show of 2012 thus far because it is so damn enveloping. It’s a great moment in Los Angeles art, a treat that we are the ones who get to share such an incredible show. We rarely take photos of every single piece of artwork at a show and share every single piece from a show but this one we had to share nearly everything since we are attempting to relay just how fantastic it is. Seriously: you have to go to this show because photos of everything barely do it justice. And don’t be surprised if some television or movie jackass from Hollywood approaches the twins about creating some sort of show around these characters, which could either be the best thing ever created or a sign of the apocalypse. Regardless, it’s a delight.

Os Gemeos' Wonderland At Prism: Miss You

Miss You is on view at Prism Gallery through March 24 and is located at 8746 W Sunset Blvd.

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