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Zackary Drucker and Heather Cassils In ‘Transactivations’

Zackary Drucker and Heather Cassils In Transactivations

To promote a performance they had yesterday at ONE archives for Pacific Standard Time, artists Zackary Drucker and Heather Cassils through KPCC made a really great little video about their pieces, their process, and gender in relationship to their art. It’s a bite-sized survey of their work and lets these artists speak on their literal body of work, as both use themselves as their canvases.

Cassils’ work is featured first, viewers seeing a slightly jarring transformation she makes from being somewhat “small” to markedly bulkier and covered in muscle. She uses her body as her sculptural base, refining and building it up, and applying it “to the notion of gender and training the body in a way that is not typically female.” Drucker’s uses her art to build who she is. In one performance that is shown, she has audience members remove hair from her body, forcing viewers to be confronted with deal with her directly.

As Drucker says in the video, “transgender artists are sort of underrepresented in art history,” alluding to very few that are in fact “represented.” It’s super amazing that we in Southern California can lead the art world in transgender art, promoting it through a huge art movement like Pacific Standard Time, where both artists along with a few others shared their works at ONE. The video is really great and is made by documentarian Mae Ryan.

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