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Mouse On Mars Come To Los Angeles With “Polaroyced”

Mouse On Mars Come To Los Angeles With Polaroyced

Mouse on Mars are a German electronic/IDM group who are fairly well known and definitely have their little cult of followers and lovers. They just released their new album, Parastrophics, this past Tuesday and people seem to be absolutely abuzz about it. To accompany their lead single “Polaroyced,” they’ve released a video inspired by a particular Angeleno that they tried to get a hold of but couldn’t track down: Gold Inferno.

Gold Inferno is a “jumpstyle” dancer, which is a popular dance in the techno world (I guess). He became popular online with his series of jumpstyle dance videos, where he’s seen in and around Los Angeles jump dancing around things and places and even on FOX’s So You Think You Can Dance? The technique is kind of like a mix between breakdancing and parkour and can-can–but all by yourself, standing up. It’s very interesting to say the least.

In any event, Gold Inferno inspired Mouse on Mars, who attempted to track him down for their video, as he would be their “ideal hero.” They apparently tried his MySpace and tried friends (they apparently found his sister–but not him) but only ended up empty handed: Gold Inferno appears to now be a Los Angeles myth. To honor him and the idea of Gold Inferno, the video for their lead single features a dancer doing his best Gold Inferno.

The video is pretty fun, a few minutes of happy gold masked jumpstyle dancing accompanied by a tiny supporting actor: a French Bulldog. The dance evolves into the dancer painting the world gold and his dog becoming a sort of golden God. It’s really fun and gives the alleyways of Venice a new, gilded makeover. The video is directed by Polynoid and you can catch snippets from Parastrophics here.

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