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“Parascopic Rope” By Eddie Ruscha, AKA Secret Circuit


We got a curious e-mail last week that simply read, “There’s another Secret Circuit video for you to check out.” We were a bit confused and were not sure what to make of it until we clicked the link to realize it was the new video from Eddie Ruscha’s Los Angeles electronic outfit Secret Circuit, a dizzyingly and somple literal personification of the song’s title, “Parascopic Rope.”

If you are a bit confused on the matter, Ed Ruscha has an artist and musician son named Eddie Ruscha who is recently about to boom in the electronic world. He recently released the single “Nebula Sphynx” on Beats In Space a few weeks ago and now has a video for the B-Side, “Parascopic Rope.” This song is decidedly more chill and like you are on the end of a rope flying through the air, catching the world as it passes by on a sunny day.

For the video, Eddie–along with Steve Hanft and Ashley Dunn (who is the person behind the e-mail)–directed something that is exactly what the song gets at: the view from the end of a rope. The video sees a masked man standing atop of a stump twirling a rope around his head. At the end of the rope is you, the camera, staring back at him, the center of your orbit. The video is very simple and is quite dizzying as you literally are swung around for a full eight minutes. We also have a theory that the sunny place he is twirling the rope from is somewhere in Griffith Park.

Give it a watch or–if you can’t make it through the dizziness–at least listen to the track. It’s definitely worth the time.

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