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Moby, Architecture, And Los Angeles

Moby, Architecture, And Los Angeles

If you’ve been following Los Angeles architecture, you know there is a particularly interesting newcomer to the scene who, basically, is a very popular fan of the design form: recording artist Moby. A few months ago, he started his blog Moby Los Angeles Architecture Blog, a simple site dedicated to his fandom of all things LA architecture. He recently sat down with Frances Anderton of KCRW to speak about his infatuation with Los Angeles architecture and why the city is one of the most exciting places right now.

The two speak for ten minutes, wandering through what Moby finds to be so exciting about our buildings. It all seems to boil down to an element of surprise, a strangeness, and an ability for things to be both a “Meth House” and a thing of beauty. “LA has a weirdness that no other Western city has,” he says to Anderton, alluding to more than just the city’s buildings, “The cheapness of land here and the climate and the fact that LA is populated with weird, creative types has created an architecture that is unlike anything. It’s so completely random.”

Moby speaks of a few of his inspirations and architectural idols, one of which is Rem Koolhaus, architect extraordinaire and author of Delirious New York. What’s funny is that Moby points out that the ideas of New York and delirium is gone now: it’s overrun, without a place to build, and just is no longer creative. “New York is great. It’s where I was born,” Moby says, “It’s not delirious anymore: it’s tall and expensive.”

The interview is a great little ten minute sweep through architecture and gets us excited to get out there and do similar things. Who knows: maybe we can even have a conversation with him soon. Hmm…

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