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Unseen LA: An Airstream In A Tree

An Airstream In A Tree

We got word from our friend Will Etling about a curious piece of art in town that is amazing, very Los Angeles, but top secret. We don’t have a location, but we do have some information on it in case you’d like to track it down…

Will sent this message to us along with the above photo. As you can see, it is an Airstream in a tree. Here’s what he had to say:

Here’s an “only in LA” art piece for you. Not sure what to say about it, other than that it’s an Airstream trailer in a oak tree 30 feet off the ground. It just went up in the last couple months. I won’t give away the location because I don’t want the city to bust them for permit violation (I’m sure it’s probably illegal) but I will say that it’s within 5 miles of downtown. That’s probably not enough to run a post about, but it’s that kind of weird things that makes me love LA.

We think it’s really amazing and actually makes for a perfect post because, as he said, it’s these weird moments in art that make Los Angeles special. If you happen upon this, share your photo with us–but don’t share the location! It’d be a shame if it came down.

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