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Blacks&’s A Ghost That Follows Me


Blacks& (pronounced Black Sand) is a brand new Los Angeles based band. The four piece was formed last summer over some “whiskey and head-nods.”

Donald Eley and Tiger, who both played together in the eclectic, hard driving Sea of Cortez, built out the instrumental landscape for Blacks&. They lay their technical guitar skills, on top of tropical funk bass lines and some soft synth lines, just to remind you that they’re doing their own thing. Compound that with drummer Jules Bellin (from POLLS), and the perfectly warm and yearning vocals gifted by Jutty Shark, and you have yourself a recipe for the perfect summer soundtrack.

And lucky for us, they just released today their debut EP, A Ghost That Follows Me. Stream the EP below, and head over to their bandcamp to grab it for your own personal enjoyment!

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