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Weirdo LA Artist/Celebrity Interviews: As It LAys

Weirdo LA ArtistCelebrity Interviews As It LAys

The interview as a form is so boring and lame and uninteresting. No one cares about what people are actually saying unless they are saying something super weird or gross or rude…or super mundane. As It LAys is an LA based art driven interview series with local artists and celebrities from Christina Ricci to Vidal Sassoon to Jamie Lee Curtis to Marilyn Manson on the most mundane shit ever–and it is beyond brilliant.

The video series is a collaboration between Pacific Design Center and Reena Spauldings Fine Art, where artist/Angeleno/Freeway Eyewear‘s Alex Israel sits down with often bespectacled celebrities and just talks about nothing. Absolutely nothing. His questions cover things from “If you were to create the perfect salad, what would be the key ingredients?” and “Do you keep up with your high school friends?” and “Have you ever walked out of a movie?” and “What is your pasta sauce of choice?” All the questions inspire subjects to give a mild “WTF.” look mixed with a smile and an eventual answer, as if they don’t quite understand the joke but are very much in on the joke. Each interview is absolutely as dry as a desert, Alex’s presence being as inviting as a flatline, which rubs off on his subjects. It’s a hysterical–and even includes questions about LA art!

It’s super Los Angeles but super not Los Angeles, which is perfect because it is all for Israel’s debut exhibition at Reena Spauldings. There are going to be thirty portraits with fairly large celebrities, all hysterical, and all on YouTube. There are lots up there now but they are adding more and more. Ones coming that aren’t there yet are some with Rosanna Arquette, Ian Ziering, and Whitney Port, which are mentioned on the site but aren’t up yet. Catch Israel’s interview with Christina Ricci, Bret Easton Ellis, Rachel Zoe, and Jamie Lee Curtis below and keep your eye out for As It LAys in Los Angeles, when it comes to MOCA very soon.

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