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The Best Of PULSE: 3(three)


As we mentioned yesterday, the best things at PULSE were coming by way of Japan. The most exciting works at the show were by an artist known as 3(three) from Tokyo’s Megumi Ogita Gallery.

3(three)’s work is inspired by anime and manga and the byproducts of the culture, namely tiny wax, plasticine character figures. The artist seemingly melts all of the toys down into a mixture that is a whirlpool of colors, mixed in with the fleshtones that make the characters people. On the edges, or exteriors, of his work, the characters are still intact, which–like Kenji Sugiyama’s “Intimate Museums”–require you to look closer to notice. You may be staring at the piece above, wondering what makes it so special, but it isn’t until you take a peek at the side that you realize that it is a composite of thousands of tiny characters melted down into one piece. It’s absolutely brilliant and smashes together the ideas of pop culture, high art, and perception.

3(three) at PULSE

3(three) also had a few other pieces, most notably a sculpture of a sexy anime cat girl and some tiny boxes. The sculpture of the girl was the most amazing piece, as it was bisected in two. Her exterior is cute and funny as it is composed of thousands of tiny anime figures. When cut in half, you can see inside of her and that–like his “paintings”–she is a composite of melted characters. It was insane as 3(three) creates such details in a sculpture of a person through these tiny faces that themselves have their own details. Take a look at the paws and face of the sculpture: he is able to make details out of already detailed items.

3(three) was our favorite artist at PULSE. His work was so much fun to behold and was just incredibly unique while being quite classic. 3(three) and Megumi Ogita Gallery were one of the few featured Pulse Projects artists and were up for the Impulse prize, which awarded the top artist at the show. Unfortunately, they did not take the top prize, but–in our hearts–they did.

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