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MOCA’s Mystery Circle Website

MOCA's Mystery Circle Website

We got an e-mail from Felipe Lima earlier today about a little project that he must have launched right as he sent us the e-mail: moca.org/mysterycircle. We were a little confused as to what it was but, clicking the link and snooping around for a bit, we were suuuuper impressed with what he and the guys at MOCA have done.

Now, Mystery Circle is the name of the display Cai Guo-Qiang shared this past Saturday, making an explosive kick off to his Sky Ladder show. The presentation was obviously filmed by many and, as Felipe noted, they had to think up some creative way to share it as a video of the affair would only last about ten seconds. Thus, they created an interactive website that, through Google, mapped out different points of view of Cai Guo-Qiang’s explosion on the side of MOCA’s Geffen Contemporary space.

The Google Map plots various points of views and lengths of video from people watching the show. Some videos are stationary and almost robotic cameras set a few feet before the explosion, some are held by faceless persons in the center of crowds, some you see their faces and voices as the Circle goes off, and some even sit at the top of buildings, peering at the event from afar. It’s a really great, seemingly crowdsourced Internet production that carries this ten, maybe twenty second event into maybe twenty minutes of playing around and interacting with the piece of art.

This entire online enterprise is definitely unprecedented locally and surely will keep MOCA’s winning streak in the art world going: this proves that they “get it.” Be sure to check out Sky Ladder and, if you were like us, experience the fun of last Saturday by way of this website. You’ll definitely enjoy it.

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