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Rhys Ernst’s Secret Men’s Club


We were unfamiliar with the work of Rhys Ernst until we had the chance to interview Zackary Drucker, where we were briefly introduced to him and got to hear about his Sundance selected film, The Thing. We did some Googling and checked out his work, which is super fantastic. One, which is one of his older works, stood out to us and is such a quick, enveloping, tense little film that we had to share it.

The piece is Secret Men’s Club Moment #133 and is very straightforward: a man walks into an office where another man is working. It is revealed that he has a red football. He throws the football at the other man and they have a quick volley. The man who enters eventually turns his head to reveal his face for the first time. THE END. It’s a super ominous, tense, engaging one minute of film that inspires so many questions and answers and makes you want to wash your hands or try to fast forward to see what happens (which either is a Jerry Sandusky or Ted Haggard like scandal or the intro into a Playgirl film from the late eighties, a la Hunkercise). It’s a powerful metaphor that stands for so much in male culture and we are sure we have not even scratched the surface of.

Take a look at the little video below and, if you have any theories to weigh in on of it, let us know in the comments.

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