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The Best Of PULSE: Kim Rugg’s “Things To Say About Dinner Guests”

Kim Rugg "Things To Say About Dinner Guests"

Artist Kim Rugg is a very unique collage, mixed media artist that you may know. The Canadian artist, repped by Los Angeles’ own Mark Moore Gallery, brought a very cool piece to PULSE: Things To Say About Dinner Guests. Going to the show, her piece was on my shortlist of things I had to see. I knew it would be something that showcased her newspaper works, as the PULSE guide mentioned, but had no idea what it would be. In keeping with Kenji Sugiyama and 3(three), the piece was about perception and dares you to walk past it…which we almost did.

When you approach Things To Say About Dinner Guests, which was unfortunately located by an exit door where everyone walked past while en route to see the 3(three) pieces or restrooms, it looks like someone framed pieces of the wall. The thirty 12 x 22 inch panels sit there, curiously, not causing a stir or a commotion. They blend into the wall, watching you watch them or walk by them or not notice them. When you step closer to the piece and examine them one by one, you start to understand what is going on: she has deconstructed the front page of a New York Times front page, character by character.

Kim Rugg "Things To Say About Dinner Guests"

When you realize this, you can’t help but lose your breath and scan through each individual piece. From the letter A through Z, you see how many times the letters have been used in addition to all the different types and sizes she has used to express this. In addition to the 26 letters, she also includes numbers, punctuation, miscellaneous characters, and one other that escape us. As you can tell, the piece is like our two other favorites at PULSE: it focuses on how a viewer sees a piece.

Rugg’s Things To Say About Dinner Guests is an incredible piece of art that seems like they were impossible to make. Being at PULSE with so many people, in the somewhat overlooked location, Things To Say About Dinner Guests didn’t feel like a piece of art but, as the title suggests, a slightly loathsome thirty eyed gossip who sits back and takes everything in, documenting all happenings character by character.

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