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The End of Rhonda.

A Club Called Rhonda

Well, Rhonda isn’t really ending: your party techno mainstay will still be around, but no longer at El Cid, its resident dance headquarters. After what seems like forever, they are moving out of Silver Lake and into an as of yet disclosed new location. The news broke on their Facebook and on their newsletter today, which they made clear was a reason to party extra hard because they are saying goodbye to El Cid with Virgo Four dropping beats.

We’re actually super glad to hear that they are relocating and are banking that they find a place that recalls their old days at Los Globos. We suspect (and hope) they’ll move downtown, to a place with better parking and more room to play in because–sheesh–we haven’t been to Rhonda since their sweat drenched, pre-Everybody-And-Your-Mama-Call-Rhonda June 2010 Juan Maclean performance because it was so damn packed. Sure, part of the allure is a long line of crazy looking semi-drugged out hipsters waiting to drink and dance, but you have to admit it’s never really a comfortable experience.

What do you guys think? We’ll have our eyes out on this and will report back once we hear their new plans…

UPDATE, 9.15.2011: We knew it: Ms. Rhonda is returning to her former home at Los Globos. Somewhat exciting, although somewhat predictable. Hurray, Rhondites!

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