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We Have Our Eyes On You, The Churchill.


Bobby passed by a storefront on West 3rd street last night that was under construction but had the above signage. As you can see, it is for a mysterious dog emblazoned place called “The Churchill.” We followed the site address, which is basically a skeleton site with the above signage in Internet form.

But, we did some perusing of their Facebook, which had links to lots of goodies, namely an article on Los Angeles Grub Street about their being owned by the same guys behind The Hudson. Apparently, they gave a sneak peek of the restaurant at the Hudson Block Party, where people were able to sample dishes they plan on having on The Churchill.

From the sound of this (and a preview on their Facebook), The Churchill will be more of the same business that The Hudson provides, but Mid City and more dinner rather nightlife aimed. We are actually super excited to see what their “sustainable seasonal menu” is as well as their craft beers because The Hudson is actually a really cool under appreciated West Hollywood Spot. Moreover, they have very large shoes to fill being another restaurant on the block that includes Joan’s On Third, Simplethings, and Son Of A Gun.

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