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Aether Apparel Launches AETHERstream


Yesterday, film producers and apparel makers Palmer West and Jonah Smith of Aether launched a very exciting new take on pop-up shops: AETHERstream. The concept behind AETHERstream is to create an entirely mobile concept shop that is housed within a 34′ PanAmerica Airstream. The result is one of the most fantastic shopping experiences.

To do this, the guys purchased a used Airstream from Texas that was intended for lugging ATVs and bikes in style. They then completely gutted the vehicle and transformed it into a super cool retail space over six months or so out here in LA. They teamed up with Parisian designer Theirry Gaugain to ensure the space was absolutely perfect. Theirry, along with Phillipe Starck, gave the Aether guys exactly what they wanted: a woody, sexy space they built from floor to ceiling.

Aether Airstream

The wood inside the Airstream is reclaimed wood from Carlisle Wide Plank Floor. The sofa and table at the center of the unit are from Beverly Blvd’s own Environment Furniture, made from reused materials. The Airstream is also set with tons of cool props, photos, and furniture purchased at the Paris Flea Market.

One of the coolest parts of the Airstream is that it is intended to constantly change. The panels and props all can be moved around and rearranged, with the exception of the large Environment table. They plan on being able to pull the AETHERstream up to a beach next year with a summer swimwear outfitted Airstream. Keep your eyes peeled around town: the Airstream is sure to be bringing mobile styles your way and will always be changing! We also toured Aether’s cool in-office showroom as well as the office, which was recently built and is an absolute dream to be in (one partygoer said, “If I could work here, I wouldn’t care if I had to be here by 7AM and leave at 7PM!”). We have photos of both in the gallery below!

Be sure to catch AETHERstream out on W 3rd (8207 W. 3rd, to be exact) starting this Friday, October 7, through November 1. The ‘stream will then be heading across the country to the opposite side of the nation: New York City. They’ll be camped out there through November and December and then head back West, touring a few places in between. For more photos, be sure to check out this gallery and, for more information about the process, check out Aether’s coverage here.

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