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KPCC’s Los Angeles Focused Photography Projects

KPCC's Los Angeles Focused Photography Projects

More serious news focused Los Angeles NPR affiliate KPCC has recently launched a nice Tumblr for them to share photos. Instead of using it to literally share news stories about things locally, they’re taking a step in a refreshing direction: they are using it to upload user photos from locals that have tagged updates with the #LoveLA hashtag, which was created by KPCC. From there, they’ve been pulling Instagrams and Tweets of people who have shared their love of Los Angeles and are posting them on their Tumblr.

We thought this was just a fun Tumblr but it’s actually a cross community project that spans from Instagram to Flickr to Vimeo to Twitter for people to express their love of Los Angeles. They have a Vimeo group channel and, of course, a hashtag that they are using on other sites to create a congregation of LA love: #LoveLA.

KPCC's Los Angeles Focused Photography Projects

This is a really fun idea and is a great way for the local news organization to connect the community, fulfilling their tumblr’s tagline: “Public radio, visualized…to see what you see.” It also is getting listeners to create and capture their city in cool ways. We want you to get involved, too! Start including the #LoveLA hashtag in your photo updates of Los Angeles and you might on the KPCC Tumblr (which they playfully titled “KPseesee”) or the website itself!

Photos taken from the KPCC Tumblr.

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