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Takeshi Murata’s Monster Movie

Takeshi Murata's Monster Movie

I first encountered the work of Takeshi Murata while attending school in Washington, D.C. I was taking advantage of the free museum admissions that the city is so great for and stopped into the Hirshhorn to see some of Murata’s work, after reading a tiny, tiny blip about it in some art and culture e-mail list I was on. I went to the show and died: it was one of the most memorable, influential, beautiful, fucked up, amazing moments in art for me. Going to MOCA’s Transmission LA last week and finding Murata’s work on display there definitely sparked my nascent fandom for his work and, when e-mailing Felipe Lima about him last Friday, I discovered that Murata is an Angeleno *and* that one of works I saw at the Hirshhorn is online.

Obviously, I had to share.

The piece is Monster Movie and is a four minute mind melting bastardization of the monster from the 1981 Ringo Star led film dud, Caveman. The film is known to be Murata’s masterpiece, where he warps this cheesy monster into a sea of bright color, the creature tripping over itself on repeat, swirling bright colors as if someone is repeatedly stomping in a puddle of gasoline. The piece is set to frenetic music that sounds a bit like Pixeltan on LSD. It’s a remarkable little film that just folds and refolds and continues to fold itself and the monster until it’s just moving color. It really is brilliant. Imagine watching that alone with three other video art pieces of his on a loop in a small dark room with the sound blasting? I went to the show three times and must have sat in that room for about two hours over the course of the trips.

Check out the video below and do your best to catch his work at Transmission LA (he has two videos and a few still pieces up there). It’s super fantastic and I’m so glad we found out that he is an Angeleno. It only makes sense as his work is so great!

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