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A Look Inside Of The Pie Hole

A Look Inside Of The Pie Hole

It’s always a great when we get to talk about The Pie Hole, Downtown’s late 2011 newcoming darling. The place is sweet and the food is fantastic and, in case you missed it, we absolutely loved getting to try the place. It’s totally one of our favorite spots in town. Anyway, we have another reason to gush: the Arts District pie people have recently shared a little promo video that puts the care, love, and art in their work in a simple, extremely well made little video entitled, “This Is The Pie Hole Los Angeles.”

The little film starts early in the morning, before anyone is out or stirring Downtown save for pie makers. They’re lining up pies for baking, prepping batter, filling crusts, tossing things in and out of the oven, and lots of other necessary (and vaguely scientific) duties required to open up shop for the day. It’s a quick little minute and forty seven seconds video that we otherwise would have tossed in the Newsbites but it’s just made with so much care and love and reflects the brand so perfectly: why aren’t more Los Angeles food persons making similar videos? Admittedly, it reminded me a lot of those somewhat annoying video profiles of “artisanal merchants” in Brooklyn; however, this is non-obnoxious and very cute and neighborhoody. It makes me wish I lived in the Arts District and could pop into Pie Hole everyday for a slice of pie and a cup of tea.

The film is made by Andy Schlachtenhaufen with very elegant and simple piano by Jonathan Lang. It’s a perfect pairing that really compels you in to watch, kind of like it’s one of the “job” profiles they used to have on Sesame Street. Really fantastic work from a really fantastic brand. Be sure to pop in and see them if you haven’t already!

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