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Unseen LA: Jason Simao, An Amazing Barber Tucked Away At The Grove

Jason Simao, An Amazing Barber Tucked Away At The Grove

We noticed a Tweet from friend and artist Keith Scharwath yesterday that we retweeted hoping to share. His message detailed news that barber Jason Simao (who we do not know, but have heard great things about) would be guest barbering at “The Barber Shop Club in The Farmer’s Market” (which we hadn’t heard of but were incredibly interested in). We got the scoop from Keith to know exactly what is going on.

Here’s what Keith had to say, expounding on his Tweet:

Jason is now working at a small shop in the Farmer’s Market called The Barber Shop Club. Most guys I know in LA went to him at Baxter Finley, so I was trying to get the word out about his new gig.

Jason is a great guy, he’s been cutting my hair for the past two years or so, he worked at Freeman’s in New York, and then moved to LA to become head barber at Baxter Finley. He’s truly one of the best barbers out there. His attention to detail and knowledge of the craft sets him apart. If you’ve ever been to Rudy’s or Floyd’s and felt rushed, it’s because the barbers in those shops are under pressure from the management to work fast. They’re chop shops. Jason takes the time to get the cut exactly right–and the results are worth it.

I don’t know much about The Barber Shop Club, but they have a website here.

We’re totally sold. Jason sounds totally legitimate and, as guys who like a good haircut and who have gotten a cut at both Baxter Finley and Freeman’s, we have to go to The Barber Shop Club. We’re completely fascinated that this takes place at The Grove, which does not seem like a locals destination for great hair grooming. We definitely will be checking out Jason and The Barber Shop Club. We’re super stoked and major props to Keith for the heads up!

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