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Sonos Studio On La Brea

Sonos Studio On La Brea

At last weekend’s BYOB at MOCA, we chatted with artist and all around cool person Adam Katz of Imprint Projects. He mentioned that he was working on a gallery space for the audio brand Sonos. It sounded super awesome and, although we weren’t entirely sure what it was, we knew we had to check it out because–if he said it was cool–it must be cool. And, yes, it is cool: it’s a large, open gallery and listening and gathering space on La Brea.

Sonos Studio On La Brea

The spot is located on the West side of La Brea just South of Beverly and is called Sonos Studios. It’s just North of all of the sexy new District La Brea attractions, which is becoming a hybrid of retail and art collision. Thus, the Sonos space fits in perfectly there, which is totally serendipitous because this project has been in the work for about a year (if not more time). The objective of the space is for Sonos, a big audio brand, to reach out to the community and provide a space for neat stuff. They fashioned the space to be an acoustically perfect room: from the slight angle of the walls to the coned, spongy ceiling to the soft wood floor, it is designed for listening to music and to make music, which they’ll be doing through some events.

Aside from all the technical Sonos things, it’s also made so you could hang out and work and crank some cool sounds. At the back of the store is a little coffee bar, which is a satellite of Commissary on Fairfax. They also have a “skateboard lending library,” where you can rent skateboards assembled by professional skateboarder Natas Kaupas. They have super fast Internet you could use if you wanted to hang out there and get some work done, relaxing on their custom built Knibb furniture or in the Studio Collective designed lounge. There are even some speakers you could use, if you wanted to test out how all the Sonos items work. This is all great; however, the best part is the the art installation, Luke Fischbeck‘s Center Of Attention.

The piece is a series of hanging ropes that are lined with metal wires, which all kind of look like suspended jump ropes. Visually, its cool and neat to watch people walk through. But, the space being all about sound. Thus, the piece is all about sound and interaction: every time you touch a rope, it makes a sound. If you touch a person while touching the rope, it makes a sound. Basically, it’s a giant musical instrument and it’s really fun to play with as everyone there couldn’t keep their hands off of it. Check out the piece in action above, which is on display through June 6. It’s a must see!

They’re going to also be sharing other artists after Fischbeck’s piece comes out, all of which will do similar things and should be super rad. We’ll definitely be relaying any updates on who is moving into the space next once we hear. It’s a very unique space that certainly is going to build momentum as they bring in cool artists and musicians through the outpost. It’s a rad way for a big brand to get involved in a community and we’re stoked they decided to do it here (you know, Los Angeles versus New York). And, good for them for getting people like Adam and Luke and Knibb involved as they are all rad locals. That’s totally legit.

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