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Good Morning! Time To Visually Hallucinate With Jennifer Sindon!

Good Morning Time To Visually Hallucinate With Jennifer Sindon

Rarely do I ever have the feeling first thing in the morning that I need or want to do some sort of hallucinatory drug. Actually, I would think anyone who wakes up and thinks that would have a few things very, very off with them. This morning, though, the thought crossed my mind as I dove into the work of Jennifer Sindon, a video collage artist whose works are like visual acid trips in and around the deconstruction and rebuilding of the body through hypercolor. Hold on to your asses, guys.

Her videos are these crazy, mirrored, stop-motion animated pieces that usually see women being refracted and reshaped. They usually end up looking like weird creatures, some of them even crossing over from being alive to being dead and back again. The best example of this is one of her more recent works, Spiritual Eugenics, which follows a bloody, colorful, magical circle of life. Synthetic Fifth Dimension sees a dancer dancing to drone music, breaking glass through smoke and ghostly images of herself. It’s kind of like a homevideo of a 2012 version of a witch. White Spectral Mirror is a similar piece, which sees a godlike woman with multiple arms and shapes, maybe even half serpent, performing a curse or blessing or something. They’re all quick, short, visually captivating pieces that are really great–and like doing LSD without any LSD.

Take a peek at some of our favorite videos of hers below and you can catch more here. You can also find some storyboards and other artwork involved in her process on her website.

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