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Haim’s “Forever,” Their First Music Video

Haim's Forever, Their First Music Video

I feel like literally any second now local family girl group Haim are going to explode into some international rock phenomena. How quickly people go from cool locals to superstars! The band just snuck word out earlier today that their first music video ever was released, by way of The Guardian. You guys will have to check it out if you want to be in the know on cool, local music things.

The video is for the song “Forever,” which is this really poppy, Summery, dreamy, LA song about togetherness and such. As The Guardian says, their music is “instantly likable,” which is totally true as I pushed play on the video and started tapping my feet and nodding my head. Anyway, the video sees the three sisters rocking out in their living room and on their bikes and in a nail salon and all over town, all intercut with videos from their childhood. It’s a really sweet, innocent video that is a fantastic first effort for them in terms of a video.

They’ve certainly come so far since, you know, a few months ago when we first shared their work: they are going to be untouchable any second now. You can download their new EP here (for free!) and you should check out a fantastic remix of the song by D. Lissvik here.

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