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FMLY Fest 2011


For the third year in a row, fun factory, and all-around good time collective, FMLY, are throwing one of the biggest DIY (or as they like to call it, DIT (do it together)) festivals Los Angeles has ever seen. In two days, you are going to get 45 bands, art installations, workshops, food, experimental ambient performance art tents, zine libraries, curated lectures, and all the FRNDS and FMLY you could ever want!

It’s all going down December 29th and 30th at two locations. FMLY Fest has worked really hard to make this year the best year of all. Power of Green Los Angeles has donated solar cells and panels, making this the first solar powered festival LA has ever seen! With this being one of the biggest and most impressive collaborative efforts I’ve ever heard of, you will not want to miss the festivities!

Head over the the FMLY Fest 2011 Tumblr to read more, check out the bands involved, buy tickets ($10 for a day, $15 for two!), and sign up to help out!

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