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Peaking Lights’ Lucifer

Peaking Lights' Lucifer

I cannot think of anything more antithetical than a dreamy synth pop album with the brooding title “Lucifer.” Well, that is the title of local husband/wife music duo Peaking Lights‘ Mexican Summer debut LP. It’s an eight track album that daintily skips around electronic music in the lightest, most homegrown way possible–and it’s their most consistent effort yet.

The LP was released this past Tuesday and is picking up a lot of momentum. The songs are very much crafted in homage to everyone from Grace Jones to Art of Noise to Debbie Harry to Miss Kittin at their most ethereal, most tame. The songs are very simplistic and light, cloudy analog bases that Indra sings over (sometimes with the help of her and Aaron’s son, who is a big inspiration for the album). As the Mexican Summer description states, the name of the album and the album itself “represents the start of something new,” related to daydreams and epiphanies and even astrology.

I find that the album is good, casual sunny day music. It’s pretty, it doesn’t require a lot of thinking, and it makes you want to sit under a palm tree and sip a lemonade. I suppose that makes it a perfect Southern California Summer album. You can stream the entire album here and catch a few of our favorite tracks below.

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