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Open Now: The Poketo Store!

Coming Very, Very Soon: The Poketo Store!

A little over a month ago we spoke with Poketo about their soon-to-be-open retail store. Ted and Angie gave details on the process of opening a store and what to expect from their first brick and mortar retail store. We along with lots of other people were super pumped from the story and could not wait to check it out. Thus, when we saw on Instagram that they were having a super soft-opening this past Saturday, we had to go. There was no excuse: we had to check it out!

The store is nestled right in the heart of the Arts District Downtown, next door to Apolis and on the same block as Wurstküche. Last time we went past the store, it was nearly empty and still getting prepped to be their space. Arriving there on Saturday, there was no question that they were ready for customers as it felt like they had been open and within the ‘hood for years now.

The space is a giant L-shape absolutely full of their products and, although not completely finished (they’re going to add some lights, a sign, and a few other details), you certainly are within the world of Poketo from the red painted entry to the soft, bright wood walls to the hanging letters that spell out their name. The space is very bright and full of sunlight and is surprisingly packed with merchandise. Now, of course, we knew that they sold a lot of things on their online store; however, seeing just about everything laid out for sale on tables, shelves, and racks makes you very aware just how many things they actually carry. There was a kids section, a bath and body section, a kitchen section, a jewelry and accessory section, and an apparel section which naturally included a little display of all of their current wallets.

Coming Very, Very Soon: The Poketo Store!

We got to the store around 3PM and the store definitely had a steady crowd of people passing through, many of whom picked up a thing or two during their visit. Ted and Angie were working the floor in addition to someone at the register and were chatting with all of the customers, a lot of whom were people familiar with the brand and there to support the launch of the store. Speaking with Ted and Angie, they noted that they had been having people stopping by the store all week as they were setting up. As for the customers that stopped into the soft open, they were buying things from wallets to multiple, pricier products. We saw several people pick up things and we even picked up a super nice, super versatile, super big Turkish towel after Angie literally sold us on it.

What the Poketo store does that other Los Angeles art and design based stores do not do is provide a homegrown, affordable, modern approach to the concept of art and design store. A lot of similar stores in the city are just selling the same products in different spaces, squeezing the life out of the title and who they claim to be: they are very boring. The Poketo store, like their website, really excels at selling unique, quality products that truly are “art for your everyday.” Not very many places in town can say that!

The store is now and you MUST check it out: they are open Mondays through Fridays from 12PM to 7PM and Saturdays and Sundays from 11AM to 7PM. They’re located at 820 East 3rd Street, 90013. Be sure to check their Twitter and Instagram as well for store updates–and who is in the store. The space is really rad and will be home to lots of great in-store activity very soon. Get ready to add this to your shortlist of favorite retail destinations in the city…

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