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Monet and Lichtenstein’s “Rouen’s Cathedrals” At LACMA

Lichenstein And Monet's "Rouen Cathedral" At LACMA

One of the most exciting intersects of impressionism and modernism in visual art has hit Los Angeles: LACMA’s exhibit of both Claude Monet and Roy Lichenstein’s Rouen Cathederal. The cathedral is a a point of artistic study because it is detailed, changing, and, already, a work of art. Thus, artists from all over wanted to display exactly how this piece of architecture looked at all times: it is a challenge and it is beautiful and it is a challenge. Thus, Rouen Cathedral is an integral piece of art history.

It’s obvious why Rouen was of interest to both an impressionist and a modernist, who were separated by sixty years in painting the cathedral. It’s also brilliant that Monet spent his time trying to express how the light hit the cathedral and how the cathedral felt at that time. Similarly and dissimilarly, Lichtenstein sought to recreate Monet’s work while also creating his own, somewhat ironic piece that recreated Rouen while making it a non-specific representation of the cathedral. Lichtenstein’s work is a direct antithesis to Monet’s Cathedrals, which is why it is important: it is an artist representing an idea of a place, representing an artform, representing time and history.

Lichenstein And Monet's "Rouen Cathedral" At LACMA

LACMA is currently showing these works together and we want to let you know that, while you are celebrating California Design and ASCO at LACMA, you have to stop by to see these two classics displayed together. Although PST is amazing, a few great shows are going overlooked. One of them, is the combination of a definitive impressionist and a definitive pop artist focusing on the same subject.

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