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Wayne White Needs Our Help!!

Wayne White Needs Our Help

If you’ve ever been to Los Feliz’s Fred 62, you know the work of Wayne White. If you’ve seen Peter Gabriel’s music video for “Big Time,” you know the work of Wayne White. If you’ve ever watched Pee Wee’s Playhouse, you totally know Wayne White’s work. Earlier this year, a documentary about White made entitled Beauty Is Embarrasing premiered at SXSW and got rave reviews. People have been all over the movie since it came out, where Wayne shines and definitely exemplifies his philosophy of bringing humor to art. Now, director of the film Neil Berkeley and Wayne need a little help: they’re trying to raise money to get the film to a wider audience.

The film is this super funny, super inspirational movie that is all about Wayne and his crazy brilliant antics. Yes, I have not seen the film but I’ve watched the above trailer about four times in the past six months and it keeps getting better and better. The quality is great, Wayne appears to be a splendid mix of silly mania and art mad scientist, and everything surrounding him is a part of this visual world he has come to be known for. He’s all about making people happy and doing cool, weird things: we need to support that! He’s also very much a local, as you can see him prancing around Griffith Park in a giant costume for laughs and smiles.

Anyway, director Neil Berkeley has turned to Kickstarter to get the film out to a wider audience. When I first stumbled upon the project, I was a little surprised as I would have assumed the film was already gobbled up by some documentary country and in the process of being released on a larger scale. Unfortunately, that does not appear to be the case and they are taking matters into their own hands. They’re hoping to raise $50K and already have $33.5K of that goal completed with nine days to go. If you’re looking to help out a Kickstarter campaign or just really love those paintings at Fred 62, this is a cause to bend an ear toward. This would be a wonderful film to see locally and beyond: the project just needs a little help to get some wings.

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