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Los Angeles Secrets: A Gourmet Food Delivery Service


Have you guys noticed a little logo on restaurant doors of a guy holding a tray of food? It’s a little cartoonish and white, blue, and orange usually found above or below door handles. You’ve probably noticed him in some form and maybe even read the company name next to him: LA Bite. But, what the hell is an LA Bite? It’s actually a brilliant service that seems to be everywhere but is simultaneously one of the city’s secrets.

LA Bite is something really, really amazing: it’s a gourmet food delivery service. For many of us, ordering in food is something you do in a pinch when you don’t have time to cook or don’t want to cook or simply want something easy for a meal. The places that are available to you are usually OK pizza, OK Thai, OK American food that you wouldn’t normally eat if you were at the restaurant in person. LA Bite eliminates that idea and replaces it with delivery from exclusive restaurants you probably all too willingly frequent. They have Boa, Delphine, Jack N’ Jills Too, Le Pain Quotidien, Little Next Door, Simplethings, Buddha’s Belly, Itacho, BLD, Luna Park, Geisha House, Le Poubelle, and many, many more for lunch and dinner. The idea is nothing short of amazing and will probably keep you in your house more than you should, where you can order from any of these online!

A few things to note, though. First, they end deliveries at 9:30PM, which I suppose is a not a bad thing (unless you are upset you can’t get a Thanksgiving sandwich from Simplethings at 1AM, which I would not fault you for being upset about because I, too, crave that occasionally). The other thing, which is not a problem but exists, is that they feature delivery from a lot of very, very silly places, like P.F. Changs, California Pizza Kitchen, Jersey Mike’s Subs, Johnny Rockets, Callender’s Grill, and Quizno’s. Again, this is not a bad thing but they look a little silly next to things like Boa or Little Next Door…then again, I’m not sure if either of those places could supply a hungry office awaiting lunch what CPK or Quizno’s can.

So, next time you are home working and crazing some Blueberry Ricotta Pancakes from BLD, don’t leave your house: go online and order from LA Bite, a secret you already knew about.

PLEASE NOTE: when looking up the site on Google, we suggest you do not peruse the images unless you want a NSFW surprise. Unfortunately for the company, the phrase “la bite” is French slang from male privates. The things you learn when searching for a company’s logo!

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