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Eric Garcetti Is Running For Mayor In 2013

Eric Garcetti Running For Mayor In 2013

That’s right: Hollywood’s favorite city councilman has filed papers to run for mayor of Los Angeles. LA Times reports that Garcetti is planning on getting “L.A. And our economy back on track” by running in the 2013 mayoral race, when Antonia Villaraigosa steps down after eight years in office. Garcetti, who singlehandedly seemed to turn sketchy parts of Hollywood, Silver Lake, and Echo Park around and is constantly communicating with locals in person and on Twitter, is the man for the job: he’s always on top of things, is incredibly forward thinking, and has enough spirit and charisma to get the job done.

Oh: he also looks like a fake mayor that is actually an actor playing a mayor on television.

If Garcetti were to win the mayoral race, he would definitely turn the city around and would be a young, handsome face for the city. Moreover, as his statement alludes, he is eventually going to run for Governor, which would be a left leaning Democrat dream. If you’ve lived under his neighborhood jurisdiction, this is no surprise: Garcetti is quickly approaching a Barak Obama at the 2004 DNC Convention moment, where the nation sees he is a Democrat to watch.

For more on Garcetti, check out his website. And, if you still aren’t sold on his civic accomplishments, know that he played the Los Angeles mayor on The Closer, is a trained jazz pianist, and also was featured in Dwell Magazine at his sweet Echo Park home. He’s pretty damned likeable, people.

Photo of Eric and wife Amy Wakeland from Dwell Magazine

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