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Amoeba Clarifies That, Yes, PCC Flea Market Is The New Cool Flea Market

Amoeba At PCC Flea Market

As obnoxious as this sounds, I’ve heard from many sources that the Pasadena City College Flea Market is the new Rose Bowl Flea Market. I’ve tried to go for some time but have not had the chance because, well, I’m too lazy to wake up early on a Sunday to schlep out to Pasadena for some cool old stuff. You have to really mentally prepare yourself for that and, even if you do prepare yourself, you don’t always end up actually going. If I had a nickel for every time I intended to go to a flea market on a Sunday but did not, I would undoubtedly have thousands of dollars.

That all being said and despite my never having attended PCC Flea, I just got word that Amoeba is actually putting a booth up there again as the PCC Flea is more than just Flea: it’s also a record swap. This is all news to me and, although not a record collector, I do support others to do so. Moreover, this further legitimizes PCC Flea and Record Swap as a spot that you should be hitting up. Amoeba may be old news and just a local place to grab a DVD or CD or record you can’t snag online, but you have to remember that it is also probably the best record store in the world (in my opinion): when they say something is musically great, we should listen. They are a giant voice in the local music community.

Moreover, PCC Flea is apparently the Southern California’s “biggest and best” record sharing event according to Amoeba as well as LA Weekly. Again, I have not been nor do I know a source that has been, but these signs all point to PCC Flea as a pretty cool reason to wake up early on a Sunday with dollar bills in your pocket ready to shop. Thus, start saving your bills and positively reinforcing yourself that you can wake up early to make it to the next PCC Flea on October 2. I hope to see you there!

…if I can successfully crawl out of bed.

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