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Should Tourists Be Steered Away From The Hollywood Sign?

Hollywood Sign

If you live in Los Angeles, you’ve probably forgotten that something like the Hollywood sign exists. There is literally no point for you to remember it sits atop of Beachwood Canyon because, well, it isn’t really much of anything besides some sheet metal and poles that no one can access. It may be one of the city’s hallmarks but, unless it is about to be taken down, no one really cares about it.

But, not the people who live near it, who are constantly plagued by out-of-towners and tour buses climbing up Beachwood Drive and Mullholland Drive for a good photo opportunity of them and the sign. This morning, Air Talk had a very interesting discussion with neighborhood residents who are asking if tourist could be steered away from the Hollywood sign and to a designated site away from neighborhoods that is specifically designed for tourists.

Understandably and as a caller points out, the issue seems to be very “Country Club, There’s-A-Fly-In-My-Salad” problem. But, is it really? I don’t really think so, actually. While I do think it’s silly, I remember when I first moved to Los Angeles I lived in the area and was constantly dealing with tour buses and tourists clogging up the area and placing themselves in harm for a photo. Many of the times, they would get lost even though a GPS system had brought them up there in the first place.

That brings up another issue: technology. I’m sure the Hollywood sign isn’t the only thing plagued by this but, because you can look up on Google how to get there, everyone who can squint to see the sign is affected by this–specifically the Lake Hollywood community. I admit: I am guilty of taking family to the Lake Hollywood Park lookout point. And, yes, it was a mess and slightly stressful because there are only one lane streets being traversed by buses and I have my 85 year old grandmother in tow concerned for her life because some tour has never driven in the hills before.

Yes, this is not an issue I have to deal with on a daily basis but–if you do–God help you because that stinks. Take a listen to the show and let us know what you think in the comments. And, should you feel strongly one way or another, be sure to go to the community meeting with City Councilmen Tom Lebonge and Eric Garcetti to weigh in.

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