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A Big, Fake Bag Of Coke On Hollywood Blvd

This Hollywood Life's Big, Fake Bag Of Coke

We spotted this form of street art on the corner of Hollywood and Fuller this afternoon. It appears to be a giant Ziploc™ bag of fake cocaine with the phrase “THIS HOLLYWOOD LIFE” written in red, with trophies replacing the letter I. Perhaps this is commentary on people ironically doing coke like its 1989 in Hollywood or someone had too many left over packing peanuts and giant Ziploc™ bags, but this piece is just silly. Don’t they know Art In The Streets has long since passed?

Well, apparently, the artist does not know that as this person is also the same person responsible for the equally as silly Dorothy Gale ruby red slippers that have been hanging from power lines all over the city. LA Weekly reports that “THIS HOLLYWOOD LIFE” is actually the cover for Manny Castro. You may know him as the mystery person who did the giant Lady Gaga mural at the top of Runyon Canyon a few months back.

This Hollywood Life's Ruby Slippers

Now, we are not one to say that his work is good or bad. However, we do know that he is definitely not working alone, is doing a great job of splattering the city with his work, and must live near West Hollywood as all of his work seems ironically geared toward gay iconography. Yeah, the coke. Yeah, the ruby red slippers. Yeah, the Lady Gaga mural. We’ll keep our eye out on any new “THIS HOLLYWOOD LIFE” developments and, if you really dying for more, sign up on for his news letter on the THL website.

Well, we actually did it so you don’t have to. We’ll keep you posted on what happens around 9.29.2011!

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