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Otis’ Doin’ It In Public And Supplemental Videos


PST isn’t only for the big institutions to share California art history but also for smaller ones to share their history as well. Cool art school in South Bay, Otis, has a really great exhibit about feminism and art in their Women’s Building, an “artistic, social, pedagogical, and political” space for experimentation, innovation, and support of art and feminism in the 1970s and 1980s. The exhibit is called Doin’ It In Public and has some really great names attached to it.

The show opened this past month and has brought together some very historic artistic voices who have emerged out of the building. To name a few of these voices, artists like Rachel Rosenthal, Ruth Weisberg, Gilah Yelin Hirsch, and even Lily Tomlin are all involved with the show as they were an integral part of the feminist movement that the show is speaking about.

Doin' It In Public

The show itself is a mix of a lot of things. It’s part history lesson, part art exhibition, part scholarly work, and part ongoing history. The exhibit seeks to get involved with the community (of Otis, feminists, and art enthusiasts) by many outreach programs happening at the Women’s Building. Moreover, it is also trying to build a presence online where they are very keenly telling the story of the building and the movement by way of interviews with the artists. The video interviews are extremely candid and simple, basically unedited and unrefined, giving you a peek into these artists histories and relationship to the event. The artists previously mentioned were our favorite people who spoke and had some very cool things to say about their involvement. Like most PST happenings, the show is uncovering a history that no one really knew existed–that even made its way through Hollywood by way of Ms. Tomlin!

The show runs through the end of January next year and has some really great things happening while it is up. Below are the videos alluded to and you can find more on the Women’s Building/exhibit website. The exhibit is free and we hope you make it there if you are in the neighborhood.

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