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Lorenzo Fonda’s A Trumpet And A Feather

Lorenzo Fonda's A Trumpet And A Feather

Among Lorenzo Fonda‘s many talents is drawing. We’ve explored the director’s sketch pads before and are endlessly impressed with his imagination and skill. He literally can draw the world around us, which he spits out as exaggerated and hilariously gross. It’s great. He recently sent us a note that, after what seemed like forever, he completed a graphic novel he had been working. The online book is A Trumpet And A Feather, a noirish fairy tale about love, music, and a goose.

The story sees troubled trumpet player Nicolas enjoying a smoke (or several) in a Parisian café. He’s met by old flame Cecile, a sexy flapper gal who has a way with words. The two talk and tell stories and things get a bit interesting. Like noir, there is a lot of tension built into the story and in the environment. It’s a dark–not sinister–tale that retains the genre’s sexiness without beating you with it. It is a very understated effort and story that can be read in a quick few minutes…and then read again to unpack it some more.

Lorenzo Fonda's A Trumpet And A Feather

While the story is great, Lorenzo’s illustration of the story is brilliant. It’s moody, it’s simple, it’s weird: it’s extremely well done. It’s totally cinematic and reads almost like film strips. From the trumpet falling at the beginning of the tale to Cecile’s sometimes dramatic smoke clouds, the world of A Trumpet And A Feather is very moody and specific. You can tell just how hard Lorenzo worked as each frame is drawn and re-drawn to give these characters (and the place) variety in near real time. Be sure to watch the background, Nicolas’ face, Cecile’s body, and the smoke as you read as they are the richest visuals he’s drawn to date. A standout moment is when Cecile’s words literally wrap around Nicolas in a bubble.

A Trumpet And A Feather is really well done and a great online read from a local talent. We’re very glad to share and are looking forward to what else Lorenzo has coming up. Read the novel here. You can get more on Lorenzo here.

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