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The Marine Inspired Videos of Randy Perry

The Marine Inspired Videos of Randy Perry

Randy Perry is a little bit obsessed with a few things. He loves his camera, he loves Los Angeles museums (namely, the Long Beach Aquarium Of The Pacific), and he loves making short subject films devoted to them: these are his obsessions. He has been making these little videos for years now, many of which have circulated around the Vimeo community for some time. Whenever he stops into a museum or park, he makes one of these films. And, lucky for us, he stops into by these places quite often.

Perry’s videos run anywhere from a minute to two minutes, changing to dwell on a specific item or creature or happening within the museum. They’re extremely detailed glimpses into often underwater, marine related (Westside) worlds. His most recent one is a pastiche of beach happenings while spending a day in El Matador with his family while others are meditations on the various nuts and bolts of sea critters found at the Aquarium.

His videos are like tiny music videos that seem to be the result of going on family trips and finding these little moments of art floating around in these spaces. Perry tells these little stories that don’t seem to be told because, well, they’re in museums and parks and places we all go to without the intention of making videos. It’s often thought that parenting strips artists of a lot of creativity, shifting their artistic gaze on to their kids. But, in watching these videos, you see that they are products of family trips–but none of them are about the family. Instead, he lets the environment, the details, and the spaces speak for the visit. Maybe they’ll inspire you to visit them, too.

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